First of all, please let me apologize to all those who have been anxiously awaiting the rollout of this product. Aside from an over-optimism on production time, we have had some other lessons. At one point, after careful analysis, we discovered a way to vastly improve the usability of our "back end" editor processing - the processes that let you upload photos and floor plans and other information and choose how your Web site will look. The problem is that making the change meant scrapping hours and hours of code and, basically, starting over again.

Since ease of use and intuitive tools are the center of this project, the decision was made to bite the bullet and re-work the back end. We don't expect to have this completed until late summer.

In the meantime, those of you who have been offered an introductory discount (we know who you are), please be assurred we will have some small bugs worked out shortly, and a working model will be available here within the next few days. As you were previously notified, we will hand-build your site so that you can be up and running right away, and maintain that site until the Editor is ready for use. If you have not received an e-mail from us concerning this, please let us know, using the form below.

The Screen Shots

The OnMark Web Builder front end is near completion, along with one of the most important back end utilities, Work Orders. Browse through the annotated screen shots to get a feel for how your Web site will look and how it will work for you and your Web visitors.

Keep in mind that Web sites built with the Onmark Web Builder are fully "responsive", meaning they will display well and full-screen in any browser on any device. The screen shots you see here actually cover the full page, left to right. With the exception of the smartphone shots, they were captured at a 1217 pixel width resolution.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through these screen shots and that they will give you an idea of the quality, ease of use and appeal of the OnMark property management Web Builder.